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Current Exhibitions

Temas Sergi Online Exhibition

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Even though my initial artworks were based on the interpretations of Anatolian mother goddess figurines, one of the most common ancient icons of my home country and region and culture, my work turned into expressing and interpreting life through the female body and posture. Not only the themes that I’m working on but also techniques and materials varied throughout the years. I work with both ceramic and porcelain clay bodies and various sculpting and building technics. Most of my previous work was on social or common concepts related to female gender issues like osteoporosis or abuse and gender equality and my point of view was more like looking through a window from inside to outside. My recent work can be described as looking inside. I’m dealing with the environment that impresses me with the routes and road maps that I’m driving along in my recent work. I’m trying to express my impression through the female figure. I work with decorating and techniques like transfer printing and painting, experience with different types of ceramic and porcelain clay bodies. My recent work can be described as an expression of my inner sight presented as a visual diary of my memory and thoughts. Read More.

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